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Goldwell System Hair Color Remover 12x30g
Cutrin MUOTO Perms Quick Fix 75ml
Luminati roll, white 93 m
Tube squeezer 2.0
Folie 250 M, Silver, 20 My
RefectoCil Silicone Pads 10-pack
Electric color mixer
Dye Brush Soft/Hard With Comb 60mm
Dye Brush Soft/Hard 50mm
Dye Brush Soft With Comb 40mm
Dye brush soft 50mm
Dye brush soft 40mm
Eagle fortress dye brush soft w.comb
Foil Dispenser Quick Cut
Tubklämmare Plast
Tubklämmare Metall
Silicone dye brush, large
Silicone dye brush, medium
Silicone dye brush, small
Silicone dye brush set
Foil 250 m. silver double
Termix Dye Brush, 50 mm
Color Mixer Plastic
Dye Brush With Comb
Dye brush, 50 mm
Dye brush, 35 mm
Small Red Dye Bowl
Small Green Dyw Bowl
Deluxe Dye Brush With Comb
Deluxe Dye Brush, 35 mm
Deluxe Dye Brush, 50 mm
High-Lite Needles
Small White Dye Bowl
Small Blue Dye Bowl
Parted Jumbo Dye Bowl
Small Dye Bowl
Measuring cup
Foil 150 m. blue
Foil 150 m. green
Foil 150 m. gold
Foil 125 m. red
Foil 125 m. blue
Foil 250 m. silver singel
Foil 150 m. red
Foil 125 m. silver
Hi Lite Wraps. 18x10 cm
Hi Lite Wraps. 25x10 cm
Hi Lite Wraps. 40x10 cm